25+ Ways to save money/recycle/ be inventive. (Ideas / Suggestions) In everyday life.

  • When using mince try adding porridge oats when cooking to bulk out for a cheaper/healthier meal.
  • Instead of throwing away a chicken carcass make chicken stock with it.Keep a list of everything you spend for one week, and then evaluate what on it was really necessary (you may be shocked by how much you spend on things you don’t need, little things do add up)
  • Freeze tights and candles before use as it makes them last longer.
  • Try using bath creme for hand wash instead of actual handwash just pour one into the other and no-one will be any the wiser but your purse will thank you for it.
  • When cooking jacket potatoes in the oven try putting a skewer through them and then placing in the oven as they will cooker faster and hence save you money on gas/electric.
  • Turn off appliances at the plug/wall (don’t leave on standby) or lights when they are not necessary / in use.
  • Think of ways to save energy and keeping heating costs down. Having a second set of curtains on the window is one way to help the heat stay in the room.
  • Recycle things and reuse them where possible. Grow your own food where it makes sense. Look out for freebies and offers for when you do have to spend money.
  • Carry bottled water/squash around with you which you can gain for free from the tap once you have supplied the bottle. A new thing I’ve started doing for a treat is buying a generic brand coke/fizzy drink 2litre bottle and pouring it into a 500ml bottle to take as part of my pack up. No-one is any the wiser but instead of costing £1.00+ for a bottle of fizzy drink it instead costs just 15p a day. (Yes, you can even get it cheaper than that, or slightly more expensive if you want to buy branded things)
  • Buy things when they are on offer. Wait until they come back down to that offer again, generally something that is on offer once will usually go back to that price again.
  • Get rid of your cable subscription: In the age of the Information Highway you can watch movies on your computer, and get news from the Internet or from the radio if you’re concerned about receiving breaking news.  All for free. (I have freeview so after the first purchase there is no more payment, just tv license yearly)
  •  Only wash shirts, jeans, pants when necessary: Unless there is a spill of massive proportions on your clothes, these items don’t need to be washed often. You’ll save by having smaller-size laundry loads. This DOES NOT apply to undergarments however.
  •  Make food in monthly batches: Preparing food in larger quantities saves money in the long run. You’ll have to spend a day or two cooking for the month, but you’ll save both money and time over the course of the month by having all your meal prepared and frozen. (On the same note freeze leftovers/eat them, something as simple as a few potatoes left over can be the basis for the next meal).
  • Don’t go shopping at high end grocery stores: It’s overpriced and you can get everything you need at cheaper groceries stores. Or alternatively shop around, at the moment certain big stores want to charge me £2+ for a punnet of raspberries (making out they are on offer) when at my local grocers last week they were 2 punnets for £1.00 and this week 89p a punnet.
  •  Make your own coffee: If you drink coffee, make your own batch each morning and carry a thermos with you daily. No more Starbucks/Costa. The same can be said for tea.
  • Limit your dinners out to once a month: But make it a nice one and look forward to it. (I find it hard to stick to this one, but by putting a budget on it, i.e. £5.00 is all I’m allowed, or £15 for the pair of us, it stops me going all out and stops me consuming all those extra calories (usually in puddings))
  •  Don’t drink alcohol: Empty calories and money down the drain! (This is more feasible for some people than others)
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions: Are you really reading all those magazines? and any other subscriptions that are really not necessary. Magazines can be shared as well, so if truly addicted why not get together with a friend and have a swap session? You buy one she buys the other (halving the cost).
  • Homebrew: If you must drink, learn to brew your own beer or wine.
  • Eat less meat and more beans for protein instead: Buy a pressure cooker and cook dry beans (not canned) to really save money. Meat is much more expensive. I’ve recently discovered that at heron you can buy 600g frozen chicken breasts for £2. They only need defrosting 10-12 hours before cooking, but with forward planning, this is a much cheaper alternative and they are about the same quality as fresh (I cannot tell the difference).
  • Create a budget: Fail to plan, plan to fail. Make a tight budget and stick to it. But be reasonable. Keep a diary of all purchases and review what you spent (do you really need all of it)
  •  Don’t buy cereal: For the nutritional value and amount you get, it’s too expensive. I suggest buying oats/in bulk. Try buying in season as well. Or try having 50-50 mixes of an expensive cereal with the cheapest of the cheap (if your favourite is the more expensive one) that way you get the nice stuff alongside perhaps weetabix or cornflakes. I personally prefer having a mix of everything anyway….
  • Plan your menu for the week: Planning ahead will prevent you from just saying ‘let’s eat out tonight’ when you aren’t prepared.
  •  Use your shopping list: Do not deviate! (Unless something is on such a good offer that it would be silly not to. However if yoghurts are on BOGOF and this will result in 16 yoghurts, ask yourself, are you really going to eat that many?)
  • Make use of the basket. Do not get a trolley bigger than necessary. If there is not as much room then you are going to have to prioritise the ingredients that you really need and stick to the list. Using a basket will also help to build your upper body muscles so you can save money on the gym. (I personally really like using the trolley because I am quite lazy and prefer not to carry the shopping round, so instead I take a basket and put it in the trolley, which may look silly but it does limit my purchases without having to tire myself out).
  •  Give homemade gifts: Get your craft on, and make your gifts for family and friends. Homemade gifts do not have to compromise on anything. It is possible to give a gift made yourself (or with a little help from friends or family) and get more please out of it than anything store bought. I was recently the recipient of two sets of shortbread at Christmas, one homemade, one storebought. I can tell you now the homemade one was much more appreciated, as there had actually been time and effort put into it, and it had been personalised with a gift tag to finish.

Please feel free to add more suggestions, infact I positively encourage it. I will add more as I think of more.

My mother’s suggestion is : Don’t iron. (Apparently if you don’t iron you don’t need to buy an iron, the board, time and energy) Instead she suggests hanging clothes. (Unless they are innocent) 🙂

3 responses to “25+ Ways to save money/recycle/ be inventive. (Ideas / Suggestions) In everyday life.

  1. Unsurprisingly, I’m going to suggest including meat-free meals as a part of your frugal planning. Once my partner joined me in being meatless, the cost of our grocery shopping dropped a significant amount. Try a couple of main meals a week, and then see how you fare from there?

    • It is a good idea, and helps to save money. So long as you don’t have a carnivore amongst you. But I guess finding one or two meat-free meals that they will eat (Quiche or Macaroni Cheese(perhaps not the cheapest veggie meals)) and growing that recipe list. Just a case of finding what works for you. Good suggestion though. Eating more vegetables and less meat works as well. If you up your greens and lower the meat, and it is probably better for your health…

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