The Challenge

I have been inspired both by the make do and mend challenge : see and the zero waste family see: and the year without supermarkets challenge see: . From these spectacular individuals their own wonderful things I feel that I should somehow follow suit. But I’m not going to lie, it would be very hard indeed for me to live a year without supermarkets as I don’t currently drive, it is very hard for me to do my weekly shopping at anywhere other than supermarkets, although I will look into switching my meat purchases to the butchers and fruit/veg from the green grocers.

It would be incredibly difficult to be as amazing as the lady who has her entire family create practically zero waste although this would be ideal. I feel that her lifestyle has to be built up, following her principles of Refuse * Reduce * Reuse * Recycle * Rot (and only in that order).

The idea of buying nothing new while being sensible as well, only works if every-one gets on board. So my aim is to somehow incorporate all three of these into my new lifestyle and document it so as to help others with the learning curve. If we are honest, there is always a learning curve, but if we all learn together and come up with creative ideas to obstacles I feel it can be done.

The first challenge, I feel I may set myself, is a budget. The second challenge is to source all my weekly shopping without using the supermarkets. The third challenge (and the one I fear will be the hardest) is to do all of this with as little waste as possible. First, I aim to refuse any packaging not necessary where it is an option and if not an option anything I buy must be capable of being 100% recycled or it wont be going in the basket.

Now to look into whether there is a milk man in my area to get glass bottles. 😀


2 responses to “The Challenge

  1. So pleased to have helped to inspire you. Buying new needs a change in mindset, but once you’ve done that, it’s relatively easy. It all seems to go hand in hand-cutting waste is done in some part by looking at what you are buying, and if you are not using supermarkets, you should find you reduce the amount of packaging you are bringing home. It all just kind of slots in!
    Good luck!

    • Well, I’ve been following your blog, among a few others for a while now and have tried to implement some of the ideas and suggestions you have been doing. And thinking about changes I can make to the household. However the worker of the house seems to be set in his ways which I’m aiming to change for the better. By doing this we’ve now created some rules that he has agreed to stick by which should make the change of lifestyle a lot easier. And I’m encouraging my family and friends to think about their lifestyle choices. When shopping you are in effect voting. So by getting them all on board should make it easier, and help all of us involved to stick with it and overcome any obstacles together. Thanks for your comment. I do really like your blog. 😛

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