The Challenge Rules


Based on sustainable living. My inspirational picture for doing good deeds.

After a long discussion with my partner, (sadly he gets a vote on the household stuff) These are the rules that we outlined as the compromise. Working towards a better future for ourselves, we are hoping to build up to a point where it just comes naturally. Feel free to make any suggestions, and the rules may be amended to incorporate new discoveries/suggestions.

My smelly rules

Nothing new:

We are aiming to buy no physical possessions that are new (with a few obvious exceptions)

The exceptions are:

  • Food is a given I know
  • Underwear or shoes
  • House hold products (Try alternative solutions)
  • (In game things do not count but the budget is cut for said items by 50%)

Budgeting and the local community

We are aiming to cut our spending and to move the money we do spend to the local economy. (Man of the house works in a supermarket, so this is a big step for him to boycott it entirely, hence the loophole in the rules)

We aim to do this by:

  • Spending no more than £40 a week on grocery shopping this is to include our date night meal whether this is take out or a sit down meal. (Starting 14th March 2013)
  • We aim to buy all of our fresh veg, bread and meat from local butchers, bakery and greengrocers.
  • Any garden items (plants) are to be bought from a local growing garden centre
  • We aim to continue / improve our quality of food


We want to live for tomorrow today.

This can be achieved by:

  • Recycling as much as possible
  • Reusing bags
  • Refusing unnecessary packaging
  • Making do and mending or using scraps for something else (up cycling)
  • Contacting non-recyclable products and requesting them to do a more environmentally friendly thing
  • Trying wherever to decrease our carbon footprint by turning off unused electrical and traveling on foot/bike wherever possible apart from walking to events where standing for long periods of time will occur.

Back to basics

  • Try ethically sourcing things
  • Buy Fair-trade
  • Try making things ourselves
  • Stop relying on consumerism
  • Try out new things


Failure to comply with these rules will see the following changes:

  • No sweet things are to be bought the next week
  • No game time is to be played for at least a 24hour period
  • Cleaning and tidying where appropriate as agreed as a punishment

Lots of green, sustainable living was the key theme.

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