Meal Plan for Week 1

Considering that we have food in (we haven’t stocked up) I think it makes sense to use this up before starting the challenge as throwing it away seems pointless. So having a meal plan is one way of making sure we stick to the budget (and I’m going to put rough estimates of how much meals cost so as to ensure our chosen meal plan would mean sticking to our and others budget). Breakfast is always cereal and lunch is usually a sandwich or leftovers. There is only two of us needed for the meal plan and cost will be for the both of us for the meal)

Thursday – Soup (cup-a-soup) with bread roll (£1.00)

Friday – New Yorker Chicken Pizza (with chips) (£3.00)

Saturday – Vegetable/Fish Fingers (With chips and beans) (£1.50)

Sunday – (Should be Sunday dinner but we are eating up) Pancakes (£1.00)

Monday – Spaghetti Hoops (canned) (£0.56)

Tuesday – Omelette (or egg and soldiers) (Two eggs each = £1.20)

Wednesday – Bachelors – Pasta-n-Sauce/Supernoodles with onion and peas (£1.20)

This makes my totals for dinner £9.46 (rough estimate plus £2.00 for salad) based on the cost I paid for the items. Now I grant this isn’t a normal week as we are sticking to quite basic foods in eating up food we have in, but we have to start somewhere, so hopefully next weeks will be full of interesting meals and recipes that I’m looking forward to sharing. This also leaves us with £28.54 for lunch, breakfast and our date night. (I’m thinking we might be able to go to the local places AND get pudding at this rate 😀 ).

I realise looking at this, that I do have some rubbish food in the house, and bad habits.  Being (I like to think) capable of cooking the lack of actually home-made meals is disappointing. However I intend to increase the number of home-made meals. And the healthiness of the meal. Being a student I want to defend my meal choices, yet I flick between the questionable student food lifestyle and that of food with actual substance. We do aim for 5 a day / 35 a week, and the servings will be accompanied by side salad.


The most overpriced burger ever, with a rediculous amount of relish (but that aside) it was AMAZING! The puddings were delicious as well, they tasted as good as they looked.


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