The Dark Knight Rises (21st Birthday Party)

On Saturday, I have been invited to a friends 21st birthday party to be held at his house. The theme is Gotham Fancy Dress. (And for those of you who don’t understand what this means, I personally had to be clued in, it is Batman.) The instructions on the invite say ‘Simply dress up as any character from the Gotham Universe! (if you need inspiration look here and thats it!’


So now comes the time to be creative. With a low budget and my desire to avoid buying anything new, I am torn between going as ‘a person of Gotham’ and putting actual effort in. Having spoken to the birthday boy he has made some suggestions that are low cost.

1. Going as Vicky Vale (the reporter) and having my sidekick being the camera man.
2. My suggestion: The Riddler – consisting of green clothing and putting question marks on said clothing, or on my body (arms)
3. Harlequin – Was an idea, as she seems to wear Black and red / Purple so the thought was to follow suit, however to accentuate the point I was thinking of buying a inflatable hammer, as one thing she is known for is a gigantic hammer. Sadly, I do not already have a hammer, and unless a charity shop or some kind soul happens to have one I do not see this happening.

The other problem I am having is with the present. It being his 21st I am thinking of getting him 21 items, all the same. For example, 21 buns, or 21 doughnuts or 21 packets of mini cheddars. Not using supermarkets and in the spirit of making I fear I may end up baking him 21 small/medium sized some things.

Any suggestions, internet people of the world? I am sure whatever happens it will be a great night, but it has been said many times, if you are not in costume you will not be getting through the door…

As an update. We made him a Victoria Sponge Cake. Cut out a batman shape and sieved icing on top. All was going to plan until someone moved the template, but the image was still vaguely there and it tasted nice. For the outfit, I wore a green top, black/dark shorts and with a green marker drew questions marks on my arms and legs. Something not to be done with a permanent marker because take my word for it, it will take a LOT of scrubbing to come off. But worth it in the end. I had a friend who went as Ivy with a pair of green tights below fishnets which was a nice idea. And managed to find some of that ivy stuff everyone has at Christmas.

Scarecrow Scarcrow was essentially a tea stained bag over his head and a normal outfit, which I think looked very groovy. Cat woman did originally have cat ears but in this photo someone may or may not have decided to try them on as sometimes happens at gatherings. Hence why night wing? has ears.batman

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