11 Free Date Ideas (Without having to leave the house)


One game that turned out quite nicely…

As we all know in these austere times romance can sometimes be affected. But this does not have to be the case. I have compiled a list of ideas and suggestions of things to do as a couple together in your quality time. Most of the suggestions are free, although they may rely on household items that one might expect to have in.

Staying in (for those cold days/evenings or when the house is just too nice to leave)

  1. Read a book (Whether to each other or at the same time, try reading your favourite book to the other) as outlined here http://crescentflame.wordpress.com/2013/03/14/save-money-in-these-austere-times-read-a-book/ reading a book can often be a very inexpensive activity to do, and if you already have the book, use a library or borrow one off a friend can make this activity free.
  2. Movie Night Try making your own pizza / snacks to go with the film.
  3. Bake (Can be done in collaboration with the movie night) while your choice of food is cooking you can begin the film, ready for snacks half way through (but don’t forget to put a timer on).
  4. Pancake night!! (Enough said).
  5. Have a games night (Monopoly is our favourite) you could create a scoreboard and keep a tally of who is in the lead night to night.
  6. Craft Night, pick something you fancy making and do it together. A scarf, a photo scrapbook, photo frames, cards declaring undying love for one another.
  7. Wii Sports night, best of 3? Decide who is the most sporty out of the two of you through tennis, bowling, boxing etc. and keep a tally to see who wins. OR just play for fun.
  8. Cupboard meal (This one requires no planning) Challenge your culinary skills together by putting together a meal based on the food you have in, with no shopping allowed. Try creating something new.
  9. Couples Massage or nice bubble bath. You could do each others nails (got to be a real man in order to let this happen), light some candles.
  10. Re-arrange your home. Ever wondered what your living room would look like with the sofa over there instead? Why not get started on the bedroom and try rearranging that instead.
  11. Learn something new together (can use the internet as your fountain of knowledge, or have a book) you could try teaching the other person something new and vice versa.

While I admit that some of the ideas may require a one-off investment (WII), if you already have one lying around or can borrow a friends then it does become free/very inexpensive. Feel free to leave any comments or ideas of your own. Remember, without leaving the house.

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