A slight setback.


Today we did lots of tidying, cleaning and reorganising. Some might it call it spring cleaning, so at the end of it we were so tired from our hard days labour that we simply could not bare the thought of then having to go cook. So unfortunately, like the weak willed human beings that we are. We ordered a take out, to be delivered. And now I am waiting for its arrival with guilt-ridden happiness. I’m afraid to say that there is very little regret it my mind despite the damage it will do the budget, we did say a takeout was allowed, but only occassionally. So I guess this is one of those occasions. 


I am going to think of this like dieting, some days are good some days are bad. Today is perhaps a bad day, both for my challenge AND my diet. But I am not particuarly regretting the decision yet. I feel that I (and the man) have worked hard and earned it. Our weekly shopping this week came to a total of £27.88. Providing we don’t spend too much on tops ups during the week (milk being the main one) we may manage our target budget of £40, and I might even consider lowering the budget that has been set.


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