Our week 1 shopping trip

So this is our week 1 shopping trip and our plans of what to do with it.

I admit this week was a terrible week for avoiding supermarkets. I’m not going to lie; we did indeed go to Tesco’s but bought British products where possible. Unfortunately, we went to the cinema and just outside the cinema is a big Tesco. This week we are a bit stretched on time, so decided that it just made sense, and we are going to endeavour to start next week with the transfer of shopping to the local community instead. We did follow the zero waste thinking though, and brought our own bag and bought our vegetables loose.


Big shops.

This is what we got:

2kg of pasta for £2.00, (we got lots of fun shapes)

Sauces (pepper, tomato ketchup) – £2.97

Porridge – £2.00

Cheese – £5.49

Bakery – £1.59 (Bread 22p reduced; crumpets 37p; Cinnamon Whirls £1.00 for the man)

Fruit & Veg – £3.08

Meat – £10.75 (16 rashers of Bacon, 10 Sausages and 2 Beef Steaks, plus luncheon meat)

The receipt came to £27.88 which is ten pounds under budget. Meaning that we have money spare for perishables, like milk later in the week.


The circus was in town… With a live elephant!

I have frozen half the bacon as well for consumption at a later date. So far we have used some of the cheese to embellish a pizza and made lunch with the bacon. The tea for tonight was supposed to be meatballs and pasta (made from the sausages) but we had a momentary lapse in judgement.

The meals we plan to make from this (and remaining ingredients we already have) are:

  1. Meatballs with pasta (We plan to use 3-4 sausages and put it in a tomato based sauce)
  2. Bacon and Egg pasta (Using 2-3 rashers)
  3. Tomato and bacon pasta (As you can see we are planning on having a lot of pasta)
  4. Steak and Chips
  5. Sausage wraps (3 sausages in total, accompanied by onion)
  6. Cheesy Pasta Bake
  7. Beans on toast with cheese
  8. Mash potato and sausages. (2 for the man, one for me)
  9. Any leftovers. (We occasionally make too much, or over-estimate how hungry we actually are)

Thinking about it, it’s really not a lot of meals for the money, but it will last us the week at least. The cheese was excessive, but it should serve us for multiple weeks. In our fridge we still have about two kilograms of onions as well. So incorporating them into everything is always fun. Just in case any-one is wondering about the portion sizes, I’m not the biggest lover of pork, or sausages but my other half is. I’d pick quorn over most meats any day. If any-one is wondering why my shopping list seems devoid of lunch options, I have a packet or two of wraps, the bread and the luncheon meat for that. Should I run out then it’ll have to be good old fashioned jam sandwiches; Yummy.


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