Cards, oh the possibilities.

I’ve been thinking about the delight of 52 pieces of paper (or 54 if you’re a bit of a joker) and the enjoyment that they can bring. From the beginning, you get a nice cellophane wrap to remove then a shiny new deck. The decks come in so many infinite designs and patterns that they are bound to appeal to almost everyone. They can provide hours of enjoyment for the individual or groups. They can fit into any handbag or jeans pocket with ease. They are not particularly heavy so it would not be the end of the world should you carry one of them around or two. Thinking back to my days in college I can remember spending many hours, afternoons and day’s playing cards; whether you decide to play alone or in a group. People were always welcoming of more people and everyone was happy to engage.


The fountain of enjoyment

There are so many games, so many possibilities that they really are worth the basic 50p that you can buy them for. Packs range anywhere in price from 3 for a £1 upwards. They are one suggestion of how to spend an evening with friends. At social gatherings people bring out a deck and then they are away. The games to play are endless.
Bridge, Hearts, Go fish, 21, Poker, Rummy, Neg your neighbour, Snap, Irish Snap, Solitaire, Freecell.
There are so many games out there for all occasions and groups of people. One little pack of cards can supply endless hours of enjoyment. You can even get over sized cards, or miniature cards, all of which are useable but perhaps not as practical. Why not invite your friends round to play a game or two. Tournaments are built around these games. People make money from these games, but we can just play for fun; for the enjoyment. There is no need to take it seriously.
In conclusion, I’ve been thinking about how the old things are sometimes the best. Take a deck of playing cards for instance. I enjoy playing cards both by myself or with friends to pass the time away. If you are a newcomer to the card convention do not worry. People are always welcoming of more people. I do however think I have forgotten just how good a pack of cards are, kind of like a bread and butter sandwich. You forget just how good something so plain and boring in a way can be, until you are reminded. And now I am wondering how I ever forgot the awesomeness of the little beauty of a pack of cards.

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