Eating Healthily

For some reason whenever we seem to get take out it we always seem to have food left over, usually enough for at least another meal the next day. Previously, I used to feel bad that there was a bit too much food left over (who really eats all their rice in one sitting) and so would try to eat as much as possible that night in order for their to be as little waste as possible. This usually resulted in a tummy that was perhaps more full than what it would have liked to be and me feeling even more unhealthy than usual.

To conquer this, we have started to apply the same tactics we do when we have an ordinary meal of, am I full yet? It takes the stomach about 20 minutes to register that it is full (or so I am told) so one way to actively come at this is to eat slower, rather than wolfing everything down, which means I get a chance to appreciate my food more.

In particular with Pizza. if you were to go to the supermarket and pick one up the recommended portion size is half, but having discussed it with a few friends we concluded that we very rarely eat just half a pizza to ourselves, usually eating most if not all of it. I realise that different people require different amounts of food in order to keep themselves healthy. So when we order a domino’s (the mans’s secret love) we get a large pizza to share. I eat three slices and he has between 4-5 depending on how hungry he is. We both are satisfied. One friend of mine admitted to throwing away singular pizza slices that she had left over (from supermarket pizzas) for what reason I do not know.

So it is my suggestion that by sticking to the recommended portion sizes (an example being pasta, who ever follows 75g per portion) we will be eating less which is better for our waist lines and for our budget. A couple of slices of left over pizza can be eaten with chips, or a side salad, or just on its own as a snack.

Don’t stuff yourself with food in an attempt not to waste it, just have it the next day would be my suggestion. I honestly happen to be a big culprit for over eating in order not to waste, but I am beginning to realise that this is not the best for my health.

Another thing to consider is when eating healthily, not to buy certain products. If you do not have it in the house then you cannot eat it. I am constantly telling the man off for bringing home pastries (cinnamon swirls are my weakness) but by avoiding that section of the shops and resisting temptation then means that later you do not have to feel bad. By making a shopping list and sticking to it we can ensure that the naughty but nice items do not make their way into the trolley or at least in reduced quantities. We are all human

eating heal

Eat your meals in a beautiful setting as a suggestion.


We’ve started in our meal plan dedicating one day to eating up leftovers, or if we know that a particular recipe usually makes more than intended the day after as well. There is no need to panic if there is no leftovers though, because then the left over day just becomes a use up ingredients in the cupboard day.

Using up leftovers or only making the recommended portion sizes to begin with can also help your bank balance, reduce waste that would have been going to landfill otherwise and can be a fun way to get creative by up cycling your food into another meal.

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