No Spend Week

box tree

A tree made with boxes used in the supermarkets once and then disposed of.

This week, I’ve decided I’m fed up of looking at my depleting bank account, and joint account. Money comes in, money goes out. So I’ve decided to challenge ourselves to having a no spend week. That is zero money spent from today until next Sunday  with the exception of travel to work for the man (he seems to have an aversion to walking there and bikes, especially in this weather).

So my plan is to eat up the food we have in, and practice what I preach in terms of activities to do together. I am quite averse to spending my time sat in front of a television, while the occasional program is not terrible I do not want to spend my no spend week in front of it in order to help keep costs down.

orange house

Using up what we already have in the house may require some invention.

Luckily we own a couple of board games (Monopoly and mouse trap) and I have access to the library. It is currently Easter holidays so consequently I do not have the temptation to buy food or drinks while out and about, and have more time to prepare a pack up / drinks to take with me when I do leave the house. I intend to still have my date night this week with the man, but we perhaps are going to have to be more inventive. I was not planning this, so I can’t be accused of stocking up, but I have a couple of things in the freezer, and for everything else I am just going to have to be more inventive.

Having thought about the practical aspects of this I had intended to make Sweet/Normal Mash Potatoes, sausages and Yorkshire puddings. So please forgive me this one, I’m going to find some loose change in the bottom of my bag or lying around the house to buy some milk. This is to be the only exception, unless any-one knows of a way to make the delicious Yorkshire Puddings without milk? If so please help me on my quest.

Edit: I have decided on sausages and potatoes without the Yorkshire Puddings so as to avoid buying any milk, although I may waiver in my decision between now and Saturday due to my love of Yorkshire Puddings. I could probably write an entire article on why I love them so much. Warm, with gravy, cold with jam. Soft, crispy, undercooked, slightly stodgy. All varieties (unless they are burnt to a crisp). In the mean time I am in pursuit of a recipe to make similar with the ingredients we have in.

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