Day 2 of No Spend Week

Yellow disks to make up a field of flowers. Inventive and they will be there all year round.

Yesterday we did very well indeed. We spent zero pounds and zero pence. We were tempted but we did not. Did you know that zero does not actually exist as a number but is instead just a concept. You cannot have zero of anything. (Or so I have been told)

I changed my meal plan, to not include Yorkshire Puddings due to my lack of milk and instead last night after searching around my cupboards I decided to have a left over meal and then to make flapjack for pudding. The flapjack went down quite well, although I may have eaten more than I would have liked due to it being so yummy.  For our entertainment we decided to watch Iron Man 2, ready for when No Spend Week is over and Iron Man 3 is out in order to go see that on reel Monday or orange Wednesdays  (I’m such a good no spender you can tell, I’m already planning how to spend after this week).

The man also had plans to buy on-line gold on a game that we play, but due to my enforcement of the No Spend Week he in the end decided to follow the rules. Today we have exciting plans. To tidy up our spare room, that has unfortunately ended up as a dumping room. As the two of us moved in together last July, we have been gradually moving and collecting our belongings from other places and bringing them to our joint haven. Initially we kept it tidy and to be fair to the both of us it is tidy, but everything is in boxes. So I feel a clear out is in order. This should not require any money and so we should be able to keep to our non spend week  day 2 as planned.

The meal plan for today is bacon and egg pasta for tea, with sausage and mash potato (with home-made onion gravy) for lunch. Whether this happens is another matter, but the sausages we have need using up, so this may change into the latter and meatballs for tea. Actually that sounds quite nice. Meatballs in a tomato based sauce, and perhaps some spaghetti or similar. Now just to run the plan past the man to see what he thinks.

Having thought about it Wednesday equates to rent day, so no spend week is not actually going to be no spend week. But I do not think that should necessarily disqualify me. The point is not to spend on non-essentials. What do you think?

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