So, as part of my no spend week, I thought I might try my hand at a bit of upcycling in an area I wouldn’t normally consider. Sewing. I recently managed to commandeer myself a sewing machine that should work. However, after several attempts and help from  the man, all I’ve managed is to break several needles and spent several hours trying to re-thread the machine, which apparently I am not very good at. My plan was to turn a pair of jeans into a pocket bag with a lining. I had everything ready, pinned in place but the machine just did not want to play ball. This is my second sewing machine since the first one just did not want to work for me. So now I wonder if it is the sewing machine or if it is me?

I think enough effort has been put into this one area for one day. I have had the suggestion that perhaps it is the wrong type of thread, or the wrong thickness of needle, so after no spend week I will have a hunt for some more needles and better thread. Instead I may resign myself to reading a book from my collection. Since that is free and in my opinion educational. 

2 responses to “Failure

  1. You need a hand cranked Singer! I have two, one hand cranked (smaller) and one treddle powered (larger). You can work at your own pace instead of the crazy buzzzzz of the electric machine. Plus Singers are beautiful and you can include them in your -aspirational rustic home-life- blog photography!! 🙂

    • Would you believe, that the first sewing machine is indeed a singer. This one the issue is that I’ve (the man has) taken it apart to play about with the spool and now we cannot figure out how to get it back in again so that it sits properly. We asked a family friend who has a singer on skype for their assistance but after several hours gave up. Good idea though, I may have another go with the singer, as the issues with that seem less complicated in a way. Thanks for the advice though. I do like the photographs. 😀

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