May Day

So we have hit a little discomfort. We have run out of the precious squash (dilutable) to turn our tap water into a golden concoction fit for a King or perhaps me. I did not foresee this happening, as I thought we had a second bottle in storage. But apparently not, we must have drank it faster than we realised, which means that we may have to resort to drinking tap water until Saturday. The preferred drink in this house is squash so consequently we tend not to buy much else.


I was resigned to drinking water however, I have discovered a 2L bottle of lemonade, so my week might not be that terrible after all. However, I am not a huge fan of lemonade on its own and it is most likely the remnants of a distant party that we may once have had for a birthday. I have been thinking that one thing that I may implement after this week is a one item a day rule. Like today the item would have been squash, but often when leaving the house for one item you end up with many and this may help.

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