Mash, just a suggestion.


No real relevance…

I am a person who likes things a certain way, for example I like my mash potato made with just potatoes and nothing else but recently I went to a relatives house and they had other ideas. Which got me thinking.

They had mixed carrot and swede together to make their mash, which happen to be two ingredients that together I am not fond of when cooked (love raw carrot) but I was very surprised after trying the mash. Not being one to refuse anything new that it was very nice. I have since tried making my own mash potato and substitute some of the potato with sweet potato to make a mix in the mash.

I imagine that a lot of root vegetables could be used to make mash, like parsnip, turnip, swede, carrot, sweet potato/yam. This little thought means that not only can I use up this veg in this way but I can sneak in extra vegetables through the mash potato in order to increase the amount of veg we eat. To eat seasonally this may help and if they are reduced it just gives you another idea for what to do with it.

I implore you to at least try different forms of veg, like me, use 50/50 or 80/20 until you feel comfortable using more of different mash. Do you have any suggestions?

On a side note: I also add parsley to my mash normally, but vegetables like spring onions can also be used to hide extra veg in the mash.

2 responses to “Mash, just a suggestion.

  1. Traditional mashed spuds with some-kind-of-other-vegetable in, also come with great names, like Colcannon, Champ and best of all Rumbledethumps!

    • I’ve clearly led a very sheltered life, and this is perhaps the case, as I said I like what I know. But it is such a nice surprise and a good way of eating things up. AND mash is loved in our house. Mmm… In fact it is on the table tonight.

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