Day 3 of No Spend Week


Some yummy cocktails OR Not so yummy both use mojito bases. Not my cup of tea.

Today I have decided to get out of the house and go visit the gym. (Only £9.99 a month, inclusive of classes before you agree with me that gyms are normally never worth the money you pay for them). Normally when visiting the gym I like to take a bottle of squash, to re-hydrate myself, from home. Now if you have read my earlier blog post May Day ‘ ‘ then you will already know that this presents me with a minor problem. I do not have any squash to make my drink with. I did discover I had hot chocolate powder so I am drinking a mixture of water and the occasional hot chocolate at home to quench my first however I can not really take hot chocolate to the gym with me.

I am contemplating just taking a water bottle and putting a little bit of sugar in it, but somehow I feel this may not go very well. I am contemplating a DIY energy drink made with the items I have lying around my cupboards. After doing a little research  I apparently need some form of sugar, caffeine and flavouring for my drink. Sadly all the ingredients the internet are suggesting (a bag of skittles, rhodiola extract, whey extract among others) I tend not to stock ever, with the exception of the skittles, but I have none in the house, and I cannot go out and buy some, for that would defeat the purpose of my no spend week and if I was doing that I could just as easily buy some more squash.

I’d also like for it to taste nice (or at least be drinkable). I’m not overly sure of the reason behind certain ingredients. So I think I am going to have fun with this one.

My planned ingredients:

500ml water
1 tea bag
squirt of honey / golden syrup
Pinch of salt
dash of lemon juice

I can’t help but feel that this would be nice with a dash of cranberry juice but sadly I do not stock it. My plan is to pour boiling water onto the teabag and then add all the other ingredients and we will see how it goes. I was thinking of using sweetener instead of the honey/golden syrup to help keep the calories down, but have just realised the conundrum with that one.

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