Meal Plan during No Spend Week


As you may know, I am planning this week to be a zero spend week, meaning that I have had to be a bit inventive with my food choices and ration certain items and get a bit creative. Luckily as it turns out I am a massive hoarder, and after looking in the freezer it is clear that we are not going to starve in the slightest. For example, there is two steaks in there and I normally buy wraps when they are on offer and luckily they have been recently so in terms of pack-up it is wraps all round which is the preferred kind of pack-up. So here it is the meal plan:

Monday – Tomato based pasta sauce with sausages
Tuesday – Sausage Meatballs with mash potatoes/sweet
Wednesday – Bucatini all’amatriciana (tagliatelle substitution)
Thursday – New York Pizza with chips
Friday – Steak and Chips
Saturday – macaroni cheese pasta
Sunday – Sausage Wraps

As you can imagine I had fully intended to go out and do a weeks shopping as normal and there is a possibility that food may have gone to waste through this system but by challenging myself to a no spend week, I have realised that food really does go further than you imagine. I may implement a 3 week 1 week off shopping system in future so as to use up food that may otherwise go to waste. Perhaps even a 2 week 1 week system. I will have to play it by year. This week has taught me so far that I really do not need all the items I buy, tap water has been doing me just fine in terms of squash and that I do not need to spend quite as much money. It is silly in a way when you think about how frequently we do it without thinking. And by being a little bit creative it is possible to make lots of meals from very little that are still healthy, inexpensive and taste good.

Why not challenge yourself? Without chance to stockpile. I think I may implement a ten pound week on a regular basis, or a one item a day week. As this will really make me think about what items I do need and what I really do not.

2 responses to “Meal Plan during No Spend Week

  1. Great idea every once in a while to be really disciplined about using up food from the freezer / cupboards…
    My mother has a huge freezer, and is only able to use the top few inches – because the rest if stocked with things that have probably been around since I was a little girl!
    … I enjoy sticking to ‘using up’ every now and then – you can be really inventive with meals too, when they’re less planned than happenned upon!

  2. That’s a good idea! I too have food in the cupboard and freezer that I could definitely use up. I’m going to see what I’ve got left in a couple weeks (I grocery shop fortnightly) and make a menu based strictly on what’s left at the end of the fortnight (barring salad, eggs and bread which I’ll be completely out of). Once a month / six weeks pantry clearance menu – I like it!

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