Loved Shoes and what to do.

A while ago now, I was bought a very expensive (in my mind) pair of boots by my lovely mummy because she loves me dearly (again, in my mind). So after about 8 months wear out of them I had begun to wear in the heel. They just didn’t look as good. Now while I did not want to have to buy a new pair as they were out of my price range, and they were so comfy that I love my boots. They are comfy and keep my feet warm during the snowy months I felt I may have needed to.

A new pair of shoes would have been about £90 as was the original price from Clarks.

I had an idea though, as they were still pretty much in good nick except the heels, which was to take them to a cobblers. Now the only cobblers I really know of is Timpsons, which is in my city centre. So I took my shoes there and the nice man quoted me about £15.00 for the sole and heel doing. He then told me that for a little bit extra I could get them with a tread running throughout the bottom so they would have more grip and I’d be less likely to slip (in the snowy icey times).

I personally thought that this was a brilliant idea, as before the shoes were just flat at the bottom and now I could walk confidently in them on the snow and ice. So I went for those instead. The lovely gentleman took my shoes and I returned later that day to find them done, and perhaps (dare I say it) looking better than new. They were certainly more sturdy and now I can wear my favourite shoes (in winter) all over again. It has given them a new lease of life. After talking to the Timpson guy I found out that they can repair lots of different things that I had never thought of, like trainers or bags. I was very impressed, and now will think twice before throwing away a good pair of shoes (or a bag) to buy new, especially when they still have a lot of life left in them. They can also make shoes bigger (I don’t know if this is some form of shoe magic) but I recently bought a pair of trainers that were just that little bit too small (they did not have the next size up) but were so amazing, I could not not have them. After a visit to the cobblers and a further visit to pick them back up again they were a much better fit. But if you have little people with growing feet and expensive shoes this could be one way of making them last just that little bit longer…

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