People who have a budget but then do not factor in things that they refer to as one offs are fooling themselves. Birthdays are not one off events, they happen every year. Christmas is not a one-off it also happens every year. So when calculating your budget and spending remember to factor in all these ‘one-offs’ such as a concert or event that is a ‘one-off’ but you do every year of every two years. If you live to be a 100 then a ‘one-off’ event such as a birthday or Christmas actually happens 100 times. We should not overspend on these things, or spend more than we can afford by fooling ourselves into thinking, well it is just a one-off. It is not a one-off, and by not sticking to the budget for Christmas or anniversary you will be suffering with the after affects still in January. It cannot be healthy in terms of stress and worry to not factor in all these ‘one-off’ events. Dismissing them as though they do not occur more often than one would desire.

I will admit for example, that not every year does one turn 18, or 16, but there are all these big celebrations at 18, 16 and 21. You should not feel forced into overspending on any event if you cannot afford it, people should understand. Family understand, so instead of overspending on your best friends 21st, a wedding anniversary or Christmas think up on different ways to celebrate without breaking the bank. People do not just want material things, or things that are store bought…

– My budget may not include a lot of events that are unforeseen but these events are frequent and they are not new. Spending on them telling myself ‘it is only a one-off’ is an easy way to make me feel better for splurging when really I cannot afford the entirety of the things in question, and worse perhaps. I (or the receiver  would be equally happy, if not more with something that cost substantially less, if only I had thought about how to make that happen.

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