Ways to keep your mattress for longer


Today at work, I was talking to a collegue who was complaining about their mattress. Complaining that it squeaked and that she was probably going to have to buy a new one. Now I am no expert in mattress type things, but I said to her ‘Has she tried flipping it?’. Apparently she had never even considered this notion and did not realise that by flipping a mattress it can help you to get prolonged wear out of it. So it got me thinking.

What else can you do to prevent having a horrible mattress / bed and keeping the one you have in working order so as to avoid having to pay a costly fee more frequently than is necessary.

I think the first tip that I can think of is to flip the mattress. I personally flip mine anywhere between once every six months to once a year. Whenever I feel it is just not as good as it used to be.

The second tip that I can think of is to buy a mattress protector. I am not entirely sure what they do other than provide for a slightly cushier bed. Unless you have children who have a habit of spilling on said mattress. But when thinking you can pick these up quite cheaply and  could help protect your mattress for prolonged use it kind of makes sense to buy and use one.

Reading the manufacturers guidelines should always be helpful. (And then following them) You would not dream of putting that delicate dress that says hand wash only in on a 40C wash would you, so why ignore the manufacturers advice with something that possibly costs a substantial amount more.

Allowing a mattress to air between changing sheets or on a daily basis (I confess I do not do this on a daily basis) in order to allow any odors in it to evaporate should help. (Any terrible odors after one off-incidents may be combated through a sprinkling of baking soda, leaving for as long as possible then vacuuming off – this can also be done with soft toys too delicate or perhaps precious to put in the washing machine). A simple pulling back of the sheets for half an hour before making the bed should suffice (even 10-20 minutes should work better than none) to allow odors to escape.

Some people recommend vacuuming your mattress (again I confess I never have, but then hey I am thinking I need a new mattress way before the 15 years you are meant to get out of mattress is up) in order to get rid of any dust or mites that may have settled.


I think this one goes without saying but do not jump on your mattress, or leap onto it. I realise that as fully grown adults we should be beyond this stage, but sometimes childishness can creep up on us unexpectedly. Or our own children can decide that this is the best fun they can possibly have. Try to talk them out of this if you can.

I realise that this may seem like common knowledge or alternatively like a lot of alteration to ones lifestyle for little reasoning but it should help to give your mattress a longer lease of life. The mattress is one of the most important objects in my life for it is where I spend at least a third of it and it is fundamental to my well-being. Without a good mattress I imagine I would be much more grouchy than what I am know, and probably suffering back aches and pain.

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