The simple things in life


The simple things in life are sometimes are the best. The simplicity for example of a ham sandwich, while often underestimated is one of lifes simple pleasures. Even simpler is a bread and butter sandwich. Strangely it is one of lifes delights. Often forgotten about. Toast with butter is unheard of in my house. Primarily because we switched our pack ups from bread to wraps a while back and consequentially my life has been devoid of bread for the past few weeks. But last week I did it, I bought a loaf of whole-wheat bread. It is lovely, soft and all mine (technically not true, it is for the man’s pack up as well).

So for my lunch today I had a slice of bread with a soft boiled egg (although more hard-boiled than soft, I think less time in future) and for dessert a mug of hot chocolate. Options indulgence Chocolate Fudge. Well, I think I like this flavour a lot…

My lunch had 245 calories in it including the hot chocolate which was 60. (I know you can get ones with less but I was fancying an options. If we say it is ten pence for a slice of bread (a generous estimate I know) and 16p for the egg then my meal (excluding the hot chocolate) cost 26p. Not bad I know.

In preparation for living below the line week, I’m trying to find meal plans and recipes that cost less than 33p per person per meal.

What simple things in your life make that life so much nicer.

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