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Dear Readers,

I realise that in my life there are one or two books that a. I desperately want and b. that I could not live without. One of these books is 

– Forgotten Skills of Cooking: The time-honoured ways are the best – over 700 recipes show you why by Darina Allen.  as seen here This book is more than just a cook-book it is a life saver and it really takes you back to the basics which you never even thought about. There is even a section on foraging. This book I would recommend to any-one who likes cooking, being inventive or any one looking to be more independent and perhaps get back to basics. It truly is an awesome book.


Now a book I really want is 

– The Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight by Hairy Bikers as can be seen My mum has the book and whenever I go round and she makes something from it is delicious. I am thinking birthday present for me. All their recipes are healthy and they all taste so nice, amazing I know. 


There are a few books out there that can act as ones bible and Darina Allen’s book for me is that. I am slowly trying out all the recipes and implementing the changes that she recommends. Do you have any good books?

2 responses to “Books and Inspiration

  1. Thanks for the tip about Darina Allen’s book – it looks fab. I’ve ordered one for myself.

    My dad used to be a lecturer in catering and when he retired he gave me a copy of ‘Basic Cookery’ by Richard E Martland and Derek A Welsby. It does a similar job to Darina Allen I think – explains all the (French tradition) techniques are. I find it invaluable. I’m not sure it’s still in print but I did find a second hand copy on Amazon:

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