Cupboard Meal

So I’m trying to decide what to do for tea, as regrettably I do not yet have a meal plan. In the spirit of living below the line I am also trying to make meals that cost less than 33p per head. So now I am even more stuck than I was before. All I can think is that rice is a good cheap dish, and I have a singular egg in the fridge. So would egg fried rice do? I’m not entirely certain whether I can make that work with onion and be healthy and some peas and still be under my 33p target.

So back to the drawing board. I was thinking a biryani… but then I only have a little bit of ham in and the ham might be too expensive to stick to target. I get the feeling I may have to do some thinking. I could have spaghetti hoops on a slice of toast but I cannot help feeling that is not particularly healthy.

A sachet of cup-a-soup cost me 12.5p and if put it with the part baked bread that cost 50p for 4. I am pretty sure that would make a meal for 25p meaning I would be 8p under target. Genius idea. If only I wanted soup… (I see it as more of a lunch time thing).

For lunch I had marmite on toast, (Very yummy) and am fairly certain that cost less than the 33p (I cannot work out the cost of the amount of marmite I used but I am thinking less than 23p and the bread cost 10p a slice in this context).

I think I will need help with the decision so to the man I shall go.

2 responses to “Cupboard Meal

  1. Kedgeree! Without the fish = Vedgeree. I make this quite often. Boil one or two eggs each, peel and quarter. Boil your rice & drain. Melt some butter or marge. Slice and fry a couple of onions, garlic if you have any. Courgette or mushrooms would be good as additional veg – or anything you may have. Stir in one or two teaspoons of curry powder or paste, or whatever spices you have! Add about a mug of defrosted peas. Heat through, add the rice and stir so everything is hot and coated in spice. Plate up and serve with the quartered eggs on top.

    • That is actually a REALLY good idea, as the man doesn’t like fish (funny carnivore if you ask me) and I simply LOVE kedgeree. I guess the spices would make up for the lack of smoked ness. Or I might have some smoked spices… ooh… 😀 The joy. Thank you very much.

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