My 26p lunch.

Dear Readers, as you may have gathered. It is my intention to partake in the live below the line challenge. [ ] have a look if you’re interested. [ ] is me. The aim of it is to show solidarity with those living off substantially less than what we have. Living off £1.00 a day for five days. So planning meals that cost on average 33p.

I am taking this as a learning exercise as well that you do not have to spend silly amounts on food to eat healthily or to eat nice food. For my lunch today I had an egg in a bread cake. Working on the principle that my free range egg cost me 16.6p and the bread cost 10p my meal costs 26.6p. Which is fabulous because it is very yummy, healthy and nutritious.

I cooked the egg in its shell for five minutes in a pan of boiling water then rapidly cooled it, de-shelled it and cut it in half on the bread. Resulting in my mind a version of poached egg but slightly less faff. According to myfitnesspal this meal also has just short of 300 calories in it, 298 with two slices of bread. Of course this could be made with more or less calories depending on the bread. But it sticks to my diet plan very well and leaves me with lots left over for tea. (Perhaps pudding will be in order).

This lunch is a favourite of mine as I simply love eggs but normally I completely forget about its existence. Like a bread and butter sandwich is surprisingly nice, but this meal is actually healthy (in my mind) and if I can get my breakfast for under 24p then in theory I will have 50p for tea. So I can go crazy. Milk and cereal I am imagining costs less than 24p. But I shall have to work it out. If I have 100g of cereal accompanied by 250ml of milk.

It appears that milk costs 4.4p per 100ml so for easy maths I am going to say 5p per 100ml so it will cost 12.5p for the milk to my cereal. I need the cereal to cost less than 11.5p for this to work. I appear to have two options. Value cornflakes at 6.1p for 100g or Value Bran at 11.7p for 100g. The bran is slightly more costly but I could just have 90/95g instead to get it under budget. Or slightly less milk. If I was to do a 50/50 mix of the bran with the cornflakes then I guess that would work and be slightly more exciting.

So in conclusion, if I can stick to the boring breakfast and then have the yummy lunch I can have a more luxurious dinner splurging out with 50p I could go wild. There is also the option of porridge oats for breakfast as well.

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