Rhubarb – The brilliant idea

For those of you who do not know me, my parents have two apple trees in their garden, one cooking and one eating. Recently I went to visit to find they had decided to buy a rhubarb plant. Oddly, my grandma always used to have rhubarb growing in her garden when we went to visit. The beauty of this is that now when they both come into flower next year it will be not only apple pie but apple and rhubarb pie that I have to look forward to.

It is possible to take the apples once fallen and part cook them before freezing ensuring you have the ingredients to make apple pie / crumble throughout the year. The addition of rhubarb just makes it better. Like cinnamon. But as I was trying to explain to my partner rhubarb is like a weed, once planted you can harvest it every year and it will just grow back. You would need to seriously attempt to kill it to get rid of it, which is why it is so good. Like the trees once planted they should give fruit every year (weather willing). I see it as an investment.

At the moment I am in rented accommodation and while that should not stop me from gardening the garden is concrete I do not know why I guess it is just easier to maintain and there are very few windowsills so any plants would be unlikely to get enough light inside the house, and would have to go in a bedroom. I have qualms with putting too many plants in bedrooms, as we all know the respire during the night.

So I am writing this post to remind people of the beauty of rhubarb. The leaves are poisonous but the stem is delicious. My partner was trying to convince me that strawberries were easy to grow but I have managed to kill them before so sadly unless any-one wants to disagree with me. I think Rhubarb is the easiest thing to keep and the harvests are endless.

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