Meal Plan for Week 3 = £12.79 for two


So this week I designed my meal plan on the train home. I have had a busy few weeks and not known what the plan was to be in terms of food consequently there was little point in making a plan / buying food in the worry that it would not be eaten so we have had an eat up week. This meal plan is designed for the two of us and the cost is for two, roughly. I have perhaps over estimated the cost on some but I would rather do that than underestimate.

Monday – Supernoodles + Onion £1.40
Tuesday – Bucatini/Bolognese £2.00
Wednesday – Macaroni Cheese – £1.00
Thursday – Bacon and Egg Pasta – £1.50
Friday – Vegetarian Shepards Pie – £2.00
Saturday – Beans + Cheese Toastie – £1.00
Sunday – Vegetarian Lasagne – £1.20

So the cost of tea this week, should we stick to the meal plan is £10.10. While this does not sound terrible it could be better, but then again it could be a lot worse. I have spent more than that on a single take away. More importantly the man easily spends double that on a single take away for himself. (Not that I am victimizing him here, but he is a sucker for the puddings and deals that are sometimes on offer, as I sometimes am).

For Lunch
Chicken sandwiches. Chicken cost £1.00 for the week and the bread 69p so £1.69p for the mans pack up. Of course it will be accompanied by the various snacks and fruit that I like to fill it up with but atleast I know that his weekly sandwiches cost on average less than one store bought sandwich. AND I know one sandwich has less than 200 calories in it so not terribly unhealthy. Odd, but the majority of store bought sandwiches can easily hold 500+ calories. Do not misunderstand me, they are very nice but my diet does not want to thank me. This way there is more room for a chocolate biscuit or perhaps some chocolate rice crispies.

So far I can tell you that we had steak, chips and beans on Tuesday instead. The steak was in the freezer, and I felt needed using up. Wednesday we had pancakes, because the mood took us, and it uses some of the same ingredients, with the addition of eggs. I figure the pancakes are very inexpensive and very yummy indeed although the steak was a more costly meal.

Cereal, or Brioche. Brioche was on offer at heron for £1.00 for two packs of 8 so 16 brioches. Chocolate brioche, this world just keeps getting better and better. So If we have one a day for breakfast each that means they will last us the week with two spare so the total cost of breakfast is that £1.00. Ofc I may have cereal instead but this is a case of grab and go, or a sit down breakfast.

So the basic cost of food this week is £12.79 plus excess cereal or lunch items. But if we were being very minimal the cost for the two of us to eat is not terrible. £5.895 for a weeks worth of food is not terrible at all. Life gets better all the time. I’m glad our food budget is set at £40.00 a week for the two of us. This just shows how if we wanted to then we would overspend unnecessarily.

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