My leftover lunch upgraded.


Yesterday I made a spicy sardine pasta for my lunch, and I thought it would do as an evening meal as I had lots and lots left over. Now comes today, and while I should eat it up  it just does not sound as appetising second time round. So I have a plan.

My plan is to turn it into a pasta bake. I simply love pasta bakes and the best part is that it is already almost done. My plan is to add to what I currently have bung it in the oven, perhaps grate some cheese on top and leave for twenty minutes. What more could a person want. I simply love pasta bakes they are relatively easy and very underestimated in my mind. Like pancakes. A very inexpensive easy, fun meal to whip up. I had pancakes for tea last night, mine were sweet with syrup on, the man was sensible and had chicken and cheese pancakes. Each to their own I guess. So back to my lunch.

I would normally add onion, peas and tomatoes and then top with cheese. As I am meant to be saving money I might skip out an ingredient. Or try to be conservative in my use. So here goes. I’m sure it will work out well. Tuna pasta bake always surprises me with how nice it tastes. But then I don’t normally use spaghetti, but I am sure it will be fine. I am justifying my ‘extravagance’ because otherwise it might go to waste, and I simply hate throwing good food away.

So tinned tomatoes are a must, onions and any other vegatables we have lying around to spruce up food. Upcycling is what some may call it. I call it blooming nice.

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