Waste makes me feel sad


I up cycled my leftover lunch from yesterday into a more extravagant meal today. I am justifying my ‘extravagance’ because otherwise it might go to waste, and I simply hate throwing good food away. This may stem back from principles instilled in me from a young age by my grandfather, who is now no longer with us. You can have as much as you like to eat, but you should never waste food. Weird but I follow this more stringently than his daughter. My mother.

It’s funny when I think of how often I have seen food being thrown away when it was perhaps still perfectly good, or how often certain people in my lives go shopping for more food, without realising that they have perfectly good food in that could be eaten instead. First in, first out is a rule in my house. Meaning things should get used up before they go off. And we try not to buy food until we have run out of alternatives. Waste is a bad thing. Waste makes me feel sad. When I see food being put in the bin it makes me wonder about those people who perhaps cannot afford to eat that evening, who may have been able to eat that. Or the depleting landfill the earth has. I imagine if I was to compost the leftovers then it would not be so terrible. Yet the house I am in has no need for compost and there is not the space. One day, one day I will get my own composting bin and enjoy the fruits of my labours.

2 responses to “Waste makes me feel sad

  1. Mmm, I was bad recently and left *three* aubergines to go mank in the fridge, now they’re in the bin! Then there was a half a bag of mixed peppers too. I could have just knocked up a nice big pan of ratatouille when I noticed they were looking a little sad, but nope I put off doing it and then they promptly went mush at the stalk end and once that happens there’s no retrieving stuff! Tut tut!

    • I think subconsciously I used to purposively leave food to go off before throwing it away although I knew I wasn’t going to eat it. I’ve seen my parents buy fresh soup ‘just in case’ then wait until it’s sell by date to chuck it. I have to say I have been guilty of this because I perhaps just don’t fancy it or the recipe had not gone as planned. But I am trying to get better and buy less. Doing smaller shops when I actually need fresh produce helps reduce my bill and what goes in the bin. 🙂 I guess life is a learning curve.

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