Weekly Expenditure


So here is a recount of my weeks expenditure so far. Going from Sunday.

Sunday = No Spend
Mondy = Brioche and Water = £1.58 (I realise buying water is silly but I had a long train journey and just had not thought about picking any up)
Tuesday = Chicken – £1.00
Wednesday = Milk and Eggs – £2.00 (Don’t worry the eggs were free range) – Pancakes, baby. Oh yeah.
Thursday – some real shopping £5.07

– 18 petit filous yoghurts -49p
– Cheese – £1.20
– Onion – 11p
– Scissors – £1.29
– Chopped tomatoes – 31p
– Lard – 39p (seen a recipe for tortillas)
– Cherry tomatoes – 79p
-Salad -49p

And Friday has not happened yet, but I intend to buy some potatoes. My favorite purchase was the yoghurts, The standard price being 30p for 6 this is clearly a better deal, although they are nearing their date so will have to eat up quick.   

So far this week I have spent £9.65 on food plus the scissors but they are for the kitchen so I am going to include them in this budget. And all that is left to buy on my to buy list is just some potatoes. I think you can do a lot with very little. The bread I am using for pack up is frozen from last weeks shopping. So far not too bad. Here’s to hoping I can resist splurging on the unnecessary. Life is so much fun, and in no way a dress rehearsal. I sometimes get torn between the two sayings ‘You can only spend money once’ and ‘There is no pockets in shrouds’. I think spending on what I actually better is better than spending on the ridiculous.

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