Counting Your Blessings

I recently endured a prolonged bus journey filled only by two very loud individuals talking about virtually nothing. But what they were talking about was all negative. They did not have one positive thing to say, they decided to mock lots of other places and villages around Yorkshire. Then they just moaned endlessly, about their local choice of pub, the people, the staff. Then they just started complaining about their accommodation in general. When they finally got off the bus I was thankful, as that much negativity cannot be good for ones life. I did not realise I was the only one affected but a voice spoke up once they’d left declaring that all they had done for the last 25 minutes was chat about complete and utter crap. This voice was followed by other people on the bus who also agreed.
All those two individuals felt they could do was be negative. They both appeared to be in good health, and seemed to be financially stable. Their accommodation had a cleaner, so I’m presuming it is not too much of a hardship.
I implore people to think positively about life and then to take positive steps to be positive. Negativity can sap all positiveness out of a conversation or a day quite quickly. If you have difficulty with this then try to count your blessings. Mine are that I have a roof over my head, family who care about me and a loving partner. I am healthy, as far as I know and I currently have enough money in my bank account to cover my rent next month.
I am sure each of you have some blessings in your life. Try thinking about people who have nothing. The homeless, those with no family, the dead and those who do not have good health. I have friends with poor health but even they can see the positives because they have a good support system and enjoy what they do when they can.

Positivity breeds more positivity. You’re actions do and can have a ripple effect on those around you even strangers. Try smiling at people on the street. I remember a very long car journey once in heavy traffic when I was a young child. I was staring out the window, bored because there was little to do, we had spied everything in the vicinity and were having some quiet time. I was watching the other cars, then all of a sudden on of the drivers who was also staring out the window spotted me staring. Then much to my surprise and delight he stuck out his tongue. Oh the joy. Just that little action made the journey a lot more bearable. Waving to people while passing them or being passed is just a friendly thing to do, and in my mind positive. The ramifications of what we do today can sometimes be felt long into the future.

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