Electricity at work.

So recently I’ve been quite busy with life, as you do on the odd occasion. Hopefully after Tuesday (deadline day) I’ll be back to normal with lots of free time and care free about spending several hours trawling the internet for interesting data.

I recently have decided to move house and as a result of this am now more aware than ever of my electricity bill. In a bid to keep this down I have bought two items.

1) a magical device that tells me how much energy I am using per plug socket (so I can monitor what it actually is using in comparison to what it claims to be)


2) plug timers, so I can ensure that no device is on 24 hours. It is possible to get wireless plugs as well, so turning everything off on an evening is as simple as pressing one button but I resisted (for now).

I am having the debate of kettle versus electric cooker as well, which can also be versus microwave. My three cooking implements. Having read some other studies done the kettle is more effective than the cooker for heating up water but that can be lost through transference, whereas heating water via the cooker means no transference if you cook on the hob.

The understanding I am getting from my reading is to use the microwave for small things, but the oven for big portion sizes. Very confusing I know. I will do my research and get back to you though. Any ideas guys?

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