Mango Madness

Mango Curd, who would have thought of it? Although having thought about it and watched the video I think lots of things could be turned into a curd type thing and then put on toast. And I do like things on toast. So perhaps off to the kitchen I go. 🙂


When I went to the shop they had mangoes reduced from £2 to 40p each. I love mango and at this point got carried away buying three instead of just one. So here is what I decided to do with my mango’s:Mango Madness 001

1)      I decided to have a go at making Aamras suggested by : I got the recipe from

Aamras is very easy to make you blend a mango, add the flavouring of your choice, mix together then chill in the fridge before eating with puri or rice. I am going to be trying mine with cinnamon and rice.

I found a recipe for puri here with pictures for anyone who wants to try making their own puri:

2)      Next I had a go at Mango curd suggested by recipe taken from You add the fruit of one mango, 1/3 of…

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