Recently I saw such a good offer on onions (£1.29 for 5kg) that I simply felt compelled to buy it. While   I realise that with the gift of foresight I could have forseen what a perhaps foolish idea this was. Having 5kg of onions and using them all before they go off can be quite a challenge.


Unless you decide to be like me and include them in simply every meal from now until the day you run out (or atleast most meals). This is what I have done and surprisingly the onions lasted me to the end. I put them in the fridge in an attempt to keep them from going off.

In my first year of university I lived in a lovely house full of lots of different people with different levels of cooking skills. Towards the end of the year I was looking through the fridge to find some onions that had a date of October on that were still perfectly fine and this must have been April/ May time. So since then I have thought fridge onions are a good idea. Unless you do not like onions or get sick of the sight of them. So I thought I’d give some ideas about what can be done with them.

  1. Make onion Soup
  2. Fry onions with peas and bacon to make a lovely side dish
  3. Cut them up raw and put them in a sandwich OR with mayonnaise and paprika
  4. Great base for any stir fry
  5. Great accompaniment for any tomato based sauce
  6. Omelette WITH onions (I’d recommend ham as well but that’s just me)
  7. Use them to play catch (just try not to drop them)
  8. Juggling
  9. Rub it on your skin as an insect repellent
  10. Part of a rice dish
  11. Onion tea (Yes, this can be done)
  12. Easing burns and bites
  13. Onions rings
  14. Onion Bhajis (better than rings in my mind especially with smaller pieces)

If you’re not convinced by my ‘put them in the fridge’ attitude you can pre-dice all your onions and then freeze them and cook from frozen at a later date. There are a lot of ways to use up onions if you think about it.

3 responses to “Onions

    • Totes put that, but thanks for your in put. Onions are like REALLY really healthy. You know the roots of a spring onion if left in water will regrow the onion so like unlimited spring onion. (Y)

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