Rice, The uses of


What to do with rice, well being a cheaper alternative to pasta (in my mind) and having quite a few uses I thought it would make sense to document a few.

1. Egg fried Rice
2. Pilau Rice – to be put with a curry (add saffron or tumeric depending on spices and budget)
3. Biryani – A dry dish in comparison to the curry
4. Risotto – Perhaps a lovely mushroom one
5. Paella – Fish, chorizo and chicken are all options, Kedgeree is also an option but quite similar to paella.
6. Sushi – Just make the rice sticky, it is quite easy to make your own, the only difficulty is in sourcing the seaweed wrap.
7. Rice Salad – Cold or warm, add a few vegetables perhaps add chicken stock while cooking.
8. Put inside a sealed object to make maracas.
9. Rice Quiche – to be used instead of the pastry although it can be thrown in the the eggs
10. Rice Soup – Perhaps with a few tomatoes, like soup with lentils or noodle soup. Rice soup could really catch on.
11. Rice pudding – Lots of milk, sugar and butter to make this delicacy.
12. Salad – Like couscous rice is a versatile thing.

People believe in using rice for specific purposes, like risotto require risotto rice. I tried to make egg fried rice a while back and it did not go very well, it turned very sticky so I took advantage of the situation and called it risotto instead. It was fabulous. Sushi rice may be helpful when making sushi but I believe that ordinary rice can work just as well, it simply needs to be sticky so don’t drain it, instead let it simmer down until most of the water has gone.


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