One kitchen

One kitchen

So I decided to explore with sushi.

I’ve gone out and bought some ‘nori’ seaweed wraps to make sushi with. I used ordinary rice, long grain. 40p/kg and the nori cost me £1.50 for ten in tesco, but providing I like it I am going to have a hunt around for cheaper nori. Saying this at 15p a sheet if the rice costs me 5p and the filling costs me 10p then that is a lovely portion of sushi for only 30p. Much less than what I pay instore for it pre-made.

I have bought smoked salmon trimmings to put in the middle of my sushi but you can use almost anything. I am debating trying raw bacon but I’m not entirely certain as to whether that will kill me or not so I’m going to get a few peoples opinion before I try that. Cucumber, tuna or spring onions are options. Prawns are good. I could make sushi without the nori sheets but I felt like being fancy. 🙂

I also found a fab video here on how to roll the sushi. If you are thinking its too complicated, this shows how easy it is, with a beautiful demonstration. I am going to encourage all sushi lovers that I know to just make their own, it is so, so much cheaper. Rice is not particularly expensive.

For people on a diet sushi could be a good idea, especially home made which is even better on the purse strings. Nori seaweed is high in protein (35%) and fibre (45%), and is full of trace minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Nori is low in calories – less than 4 calories per sheet.

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