Food Waste Friday

I realise that today is not Friday, no. Today is Sunday, but having just found out about the idea of food waste Friday I figured I might as well give it a go.


The aim is to record once a week, on a Friday anything that you have thrown away in terms of food. And the point of this is that it helps you to realise how much food you are wasting and to also not have an out of sight out of mind attitude. So from this week to next week I am going to record any food that I throw away. Having been away for the past week I can say that I personally have only thrown 1 mouldy strawberry away, half a pot of donated crème fresh and a donated bottle of milk that the man was supposed to drink in my absence.

In terms of what I have seen other people throw away, I have seen a lot, a lot of rice being binned and some chicken drumsticks and thigh bones, after being stripped of most their meat. I did make the point to both parties that the rice could be up-cycled into something else, and the chicken could become the basis of chicken stock or chicken soup but apparently they already had chicken stock in. It seems silly to quibble over  some chicken bones but when I know that there is an option for an extra meal out of them that is just not being used then that makes me a little sad, although I understand not everyone has the time, or a slow cooker for the chicken soup. I think when planning meals for the week with chicken bones or other similar items I should also put a day down for using the stock whether to make nicer rice or  a soup is undecided; but often when making chicken stock I end up not using it all and consequentially throwing some away.

Thanks for reading guys, hopefully you will get an update on Friday of how wasteful or not I have been.

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