Food Waste Friday


Okay, so last week I did this blog post a little later than what I should have. But please forgive me I did not know of this fabulous idea until Sunday, and I did try to recap everything from then till then. So back to the actual post, the point of this is to highlight how much we waste, and hopefully people will take advantage of seeing what I waste and then they may try this themselves. It is making me think about what I throw away and whether there is any possibility of saving this food, or alternatively of me just buying less in future. Throwing away food is like throwing away money. Even if the food was donated to you it still cost some one out there money, and had planning been better that food could have gone to someone who needed it more than me. If I saved myself a meal from being thrown away, in my mind I can then donate the equivalent food to a charity or perhaps to a homeless person I see on the street. Why? Because I was going to throw it away anyway.

This week I have been quite good. I was going to throw away a quarter of a cheesecake, having come home from my parents with both a poppy cake and a cheese cake I could not eat both. I however created a plan, and I palmed the cheesecake off on a friend, even though it was only a small amount of cheesecake and most people would have just thrown it away with it not really being worth being saved I had an unexpected visit. So I was insistent that she take it and enjoy it because I do not like to waste food. But I also do not want to be putting on the pounds through eating multiple puddings or food that is going to be thrown away on top of other food.

I did throw away half a punnet of strawberries though which had begun to develop mould. I was quite surprised really, having only bought them less than a week ago. The strawberries were originally 2 punnets for £2.00, but I waited until the end of the day and got them for just £1.00 for two punnets. I have eaten the other punnet and they were delicious. I don’t know what you can do with mouldy strawberries other than bin them, if any-one out there has any suggestions then please let me know and in future I can do that instead. I did think about freezing them, but at this point they were still good for eating. Someone in the house did order take away and leftover is a portion of chips. While they haven’t been thrown away yet, I think there is a strong possibility that they might be later. Reheated chips are not something I look forward to.

I did get gifted milk and this did go off, although in my defence (excuses, excuses) I am not a huge milk drinker and it is the man’s responsibility to drink up milk before it goes bad. He has a three day rule which is that milk has to last at least three days in the house and after that he can do whatever he wants with it apart from let it go off. He can literally drink milk by the litre. So I did not know it had gone until I came to make a hot chocolate with it. Luckily I can drink them without milk.

In Conclusion:

– half a punnet of strawberries

– a portion of chips

– 2 litres of milk

It was not a terrible week but it was not a zero week, which is as always my aim.


One response to “Food Waste Friday

  1. Reblogged this on frogandcount and commented:
    I adore this idea from affordable living. buy less and then what would have been bought can go to someone who needs it instead. I’m going to try this why don’t you try it too?

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