The world is what you make of it so let’s make it the best. =D

The world is what you make of it so let’s make it the best. =D.

This article reminded me of the beauty of the world. Of counting ones blessings. Some people can be negative all day long, while others are full of optimism. I realise sometimes it is hard to be optimistic when circumstances are dire but I cannot but help with creativity and omptimism one can turn that frown upside down. I have just read a comment on a article about eating for under £10 a week. Well after a lot of negative comments about how it cannot be done, rather than well, we could try using onions, onions are cheap. What else can we use? One person has commented ‘£10..That’s 31 tins of store brand baked beans. Job done.’ Which in the spirit of opmtimism is beautiful.
Having done the maths that is just over four cans of baked beans a day, which is surplus to requirements. However I cannot help but feel one might want to live off more.

If an onion costs 5p apparently it does, please correct me if I am wrong and you can buy value noodles for 15p at tesco then noodles and onion will cost you 20p a day. So over seven days that is £1.40 for one meal. For my preference, I would like to add peas to this meal but I cam unsure as to whether we can afford them so I will keep peas in mind with 100g of peas costing 10p it would make the price go from 20p to 30p so £2.10 for a week worth of meals. I do think an entire onion would be quite strong however so I suggest half an onion, which would be a saving of 2.5p but I am not going to quibble over that.

If you were to go to cooplands and get 6 bread cakes for £1.00 (they are the softest breadcakes you will have ever tasted) or go and get the value bread for 50p my prefernce is for the breadcakes as they are so soft you can make sandwiches for lunch for lets say six days. Lets put a meat in the sandwich. Everyday Value ham is £1.65 for 400g, and they estimate you will get 36 slices, so over 6 days that is 6 slices a day, which in my opinion is quite a lot, so I’d recommend lowering the amount of ham, and then maybe putting some of that with the noodles. Chicken roll is £1.00 for 400g as well, so that is a cheaper alternative. But we shalls stick with the ham for now so £2.65 for 6 days worth of sandwiches.

Our running total at the moment is £4.75 meaning that we have just 75p a day for a main meal, unless you want that to be noodles, in which case just get yourself some cereal or a yoghurt for breakfast. Value yoghurts cost 33p for four so 8.25p each which I think one a day can be afforded on this budget, with enough left over to perhaps buy all the ingredients for pancakes and a topping / filler. Unless you want that to be ham which would also be very nice.

Noodles+Onion+Peas = 30p / day
Sandwich+Ham = 45p / day or £2.65 /6 days

Once again, stay positive, creativity breeds creativity, and if you are ever in doubt please ask a friend or me for help / assistance. People like helping other people it is in our nature. You have a problem? Want help with something chances are there will be someone out there who would be more than happy to help. Just like I know that I have my support system for when I need it. Ask youself, who would you be there for if they needed you, chances are the answer is reciprocal.

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