So the day is Tuesday.

CNV00020So for tea tonight we had a split tea, which forever seems the habit now.

Ham, a single egg and soldiers for the man. And later for sharing a can of spaghetti lines bought several years ago for 14p.

The can of spaghetti lines had a best before date of December 2012, so I am thinking I must have bought them in my first (or second) year of university and just moved house with them each time. This means I clearly do not implement a good stock rotation system on something as basic as cans. I just presumed that cans will, because they do, last forever. But perhaps I should keep an eye on my dry goods as I have on occasion thrown some out because they are just well past their date. I have seen my mum going through her cupboards on occasion and finding sachets or items that have a best before of perhaps four or five years previous. This is hilarious on a basic level but on a deeper level it is also almost as bad as wasting any other form of food.

I have done a lot of job searching today and concluded that there is no jobs. I mean there are jobs, quite a few of them but they are all weird things that no normal human being can do. As a result I am forever doomed to be a housewife. Sad, sad times. If any-one else out there is looking for a job, I wish you luck. I guess when it is meant to be it will happen. So on the bright side I am now a housewife who has the internet.


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