Book Crossing

A few years ago my sister introduced me to a site called ‘Book Crossing’ and the point of this site was to share books with random strangers and see how far they would go.

To begin with you would get a book you no longer wanted put a message on the inside of the book and then leave it in a random place with the hope that someone would find it. Then once someone had found it they could take it home and go on the site and be like wow I found this book here. Once they have done with the book then they leave it in a random place (you can keep the books or you can send it on its way) to see who finds it next. Leave it on a train perhaps in the hope that a fellow commuter finds it. – is where its at. And I highly recommend it to people just because it is so much fun seeing where your book might end up. OR finding someone elses and perhaps being a part of their journey. You can search by cities or locations to see whether someone has released any books into the wild near you and if so whether they have decided to give you a description of the location.

This in my opinion can be very exciting with some books going overseas. Some books manage to travel the globe. It is a fun exercise which helps to in my opinion cut down on waste and can brighten someone’s day. I know it brightened mine when I found my first book. Book crossing is not just a national thing it is a worldwide thing, so if you’re going on holiday for the week or weekend, why not have a look and see whether there are any books in the area you are going to be tracked down.

At the end of the day this is a free activity to do and is very enjoyable. So why not tell your friends about it and all join in the fun.



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