I recently moved to a new city, which of course means a new library to get used to and figure out all the perks and whatnot.

Joining the library was easy, and quick. Getting my partner to join was slightly less easy. For some reason he thought that it cost money to join the library. Which made me think that maybe other people might think that as well. So let me dispel this myth for you. Libraries are usually free to join and borrow books from. Usually there is a small charge to borrow DVD’s or CD’s from the library. For example a CD will cost me I think 80p to borrow for three weeks and a DVD £1 for a week. This when you think about it is good value for money if you only watch DVD’s once or twice. This can be a good way to try out a DVD or CD and then if you really, really need it in you life you can buy it at a later date when the price has gone down.

Some libraries also have an option of paying a premium, a previous library I went to you paid £36 a year to be able to borrow DVD’s and CD’s for nothing. So if you were to watch 1 DVD a week this would be a good investment. I have heard of libraries doing better deals, one I heard about cost £8.00 for the year for this premium. But I guess it depends on your area.

Libraries can also be a place where book lovers meet and greet each other to discuss a good book. I know there is a book that I have just read (Gone Girl) which I would love to discuss with a group of people because it was such an intriguing book.

I think libraries can be a lifeline to people, if only they remember their existence. Do you have a friend who likes to read or watch DVD’s but cannot always afford to go out and buy the latest book or film on their list? Well a library can buy in the books you want if they do not have them, some charge a small fee for this others it is just part of the service.


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