Some of my favourite films

The lion King of course. I love most disney movies, my partner simply loves the new tangled. My little nephew loves toy story in all its entity. They are just good films for keeping kids (and adults) entertained.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a film that in my opinion actually caters for an older generation and it made me very happy just watching it. I have not heard a negative review for it so far. Yes there are no guns or big flash cars, it is just a portrait of real life. Such a beautiful film I recommend it to any-one and everyone.

– Troy for one time in my life was a firm favourite. Something about the tragic love story of  several men who feel it impossible to just talk through their issues or decide them through a good game of chess and therefore resort to battlefield tactics.

Lord of the Rings should definitely be on this list. I cannot tell you why, but for some reason the more I watch it the more I fall in love with the way the relationships work between Legolas and Gimley or Mary and Pippins slow maturity. It is such a good book, and the film captures that.

I have a friend who has a rule never to watch a DVD or read the same book twice, as apparently life is too short and there are too many books and films out there to limit yourself by watching the same one, over and over. I can see her point of view but this attitude is not cost efficient, unless you are a member of a library for the books or part of some book group that rotates books. These are my favourite films to recommend, what about you?


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