You cannot spend more than you have. Or can you?


That’s right. I have zero pounds and zero pence in either of my bank accounts at this exact moment. But not to worry I have a plan.

The problem in a way occurred when I realised yesterday that a bill payment  for a certain thing from about a month ago was due yesterday itself. For some reason I thought it was due on the 16th of the month. No, the 8th, silly me. You can be assured by me that I did not want a black mark on my record for late payments. Something I am always very insistent upon. So I had to empty both my accounts and borrow a small amount of money from my partner (we do share accounts (=rent money) and have our own personal accounts=life things like food and travelling) in order to pay this off.

As a result I am now broke. Until payday (thursday) which is not that far away. I cannot think of anything that I need to buy, although I am sure that there will be something that crops up. Usually in my life everyday turns into a spending day.

The lesson I have learned from this experience is that I need to make sure that I keep track of deadline dates for money payments better. Perhaps in like a diary or planner that surprise, surprise I will have to buy. Ha. Ha. Ha. Shame I am broke.

I am actually lying here, I counted the money in my purse last night and I have about £4.10 in it, so I can get a drink if it is too warm while I am out. (OR I can make myself a bottle of water/squash and take that with me). I am taking into account that I have about £80 owed on a credit card that I am slowly paying off (no payday for me is not more than that but less, substantially less, it will take me about 3 paydays to pay it off). And knowing that my joint debt with the man is substantially higher than that means I think I can say that I am officially broke.

But the good news is that the freezer has plenty (enough) food in it to last us for a short while without any need to go to the shops. Although milk could be an issue. I am not entirely certain what to do. Dave Ramsey is very helpful but he is american and I am in the UK so his information is not always entirely relevant. I guess the rule is that you cannot spend more than you earn. That must be the golden rule.

So how much do I earn? Well at the moment I am thinking I may need to cut back on everything (I already have so by everything I mean food(which had already been cut back))  but surely there must be something else that I can cut back on. Scrutinising my expenditure other than bill payments my money seems to only go on food or travel (less than £2.00 a week) so where is the solution?

I am working on trying to get another job. But in the real world. Perhaps eating less, and trying not to waste food. At the moment wasting food is a huge sin in my mind. Because food wasted equates to money wasted. Not having any money means that I am even more cross at myself for any food waste. In my local area there are a few homeless guys. You know the ones who are beyond begging and are routing through bins in order to find something to eat. Anything I throw away in my mind could go to them. I do try giving them food whenever I see them, although it is slightly problematic as I do not know when I am going to see them, and I am not always carrying anything more than a flump or a small bag of haribo. Which is better than nothing but it is still not a lot. So I shall keep my eyes peeled, for those who perhaps never expected to be where they are now, or maybe they were responsible for their own downfall. All I know is that you never know what the future holds for yourself, or your close friends and family. Surely you would want someone to help you.

Debt is bad. You should never use credit unless you have the money to pay it straight back off again come the bill. My main rule about using credit.

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