Food Waste Friday

So far this week we have been pretty good in terms of waste.

I must document however a yoghurt and a punnet of grapes that need throwing away.

The grapes were 3 punnets for £1.00, but they were slightly soft. I had managed to eat the other two punnets but there is only so many grapes one can eat in a week.

The other, I had natural yoghurt in for a curry I was making, but was not sure if I had enough, so bought another smaller pot just in case. As it turns out it was fine, but I have not had a use for it and it is now past its sell-by date.

I am not entirely certain as to what happens when it gets past the date but I do not plan on letting my stomach find out. I think my only option is to bin it.

On the plus side, this is the only food that I have wasted this week, between the two of us and while it is not zero it is getting better. 🙂

Thanks for helping my keep myself in check.

3 responses to “Food Waste Friday

  1. Saw a great idea for grapes, put them in the fridge and eat frozen as mini ice-pops! Yoghurt won’t really go ‘off’ as such just gradually become sharper in flavour.

    • Thanks for your fabulous advise, as always. 🙂 If Only I’d thought of them sooner, but at least I will know for next time. 🙂 Thanks. It’s all about trying new things.

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