Bra’s and my surprising discovery.

I was recently doing some research on what help and support bras give to individuals and I was surprised to learn that there is a lot of controversy over the actual science of the bra.

Yes, this may seem like a silly topic, but considering how much I and others spend on them I think it is an important thing to consider. Apparently despite the whole industry that has been created around this type of lingerie it can be pointless.

Wearing a bra, does not help to stop back pain, apparently. Wearing a bra actually has an ADVERSE affect on helping your lovely breasts to remain firm and not saggy.

By not wearing a bra the breast area gets a chance to move in everyday activities and apparently it is this movement that allows for muscle to develop and fat to burn naturally. According to my sources, while it is advised that you wear one during vigorous activity so as not to tear or strain the muscle every day activity does not require one, and by wearing one we are in effect allowing our breasts no opportunity to naturally stay firm.

I am now very confused. If the sources are right, then what is the point in me wearing a bra other than to get droopy breasts, I realise this is an aesthetic concern, but it is also a financial one. Without the requirement for a bra I could put that money into savings or elsewhere.

I admit some of them look nice, and while doing sport I most definitely want to be wearing one, but beyond that … who knows?

What do you think? Could it be true that it is actually in our best interests to ditch the bra?

4 responses to “Bra’s and my surprising discovery.

  1. I reckon you just have to go with what feels comfortable. Forget the sexy side, the cost side, and even the health/science side. In my (humble) opinion nothing tells you what your body wants or doesn’t want like your own body! Now confidence – there’s another issue!

  2. Its an interesting debate, and of course if you don’t use it you lose it. Maybe ligaments could be shorterned but there must be a threshold for breast size. As past a certain size no amount of ligaments are going to keep them up. Know what I’m sayin 🙂 Thanks for posting article v interesting.

  3. OK. I think ditching the bra would be ill advised. Here’s why, breasts are not made of muscle, there is a lot of adipose tissue in there along with glands, which is infiltrated with blood supply and nerves. So I think yor research refers to the pectoral muscles undernearth – see for pic.
    If this be the case then you can easily strengthen these muscles by doing some chest presses at the gym (the one where you are pushing a bar forward).
    I do 30 mins high impact training (aka 80% capacity training that makes you out of breath and want to collapse) three times a week, which in cudes this exercise and that seems to work ok. Failing that you could do some press-ups. Hope that helps.

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