Hair cutting

In order to maintain good hair the ‘experts’ recommend cutting it every six to eight weeks. I personally think every three months would work just as well though.

Or alternatively once every four months, or maybe even once every 6 months. Getting a hair cut twice a year might work. If your hair cut costs £20.00 a time and you have your hair cut once every 7 weeks for averages then that is just short of £150 a year spent on hair cuts.

If you were to only cut your hair every three months then that would be £80 spent. Or twice a year £40.

If you are to cut your hair every seven weeks in ten years you will have spent just short of £1500 on getting your hair cut. In twenty years that could add up to £3000.

This cost is not including any colouring that you may or may not get done, and lots of places charge substantially more than this.

If you have your hair cut every three months then in ten years you will have spent £800.

So as a suggestion, why not get a friend or your partner to cut your hair instead? I have a couple of friends who I know cut their own hair. One of them cuts their own fringe as apparently that needs more tending than the rest of her hair and then goes to the actual hairdressers for the rest of it. But this tactic means she does not have to go quite as regularly…

Googling images and how to on certain styles can help if you have one in mind. I personally have quite normal boring hair cut so it does not bother me so much, but other people might want to get even more specialised help.

If you have a household of two people the savings increase even more from perhaps 800 to 1600 for those who cut their hair every three months.

3 responses to “Hair cutting

  1. I’ve always cut my hubby and children’s hair and must have saving a fortune over the years although I have always refused to let my hubby return the favour!

      • It worked, I cut his (didn’t go too well, but we managed to fix it) and then he did a surprisingly good job on mine in return. Next time it comes to cutting I now know not to go straight for the fringe… 😛

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