Getting Married

So, here is the thing. In order to get married, generally you need a vicar to do his bit in church. Failing this you can go down to the registry office and get married then and there.

Have you any idea how stressful it is trying to plan a wedding? (Sorry married people or those betrothed).

First of all there is the guest list. You can’t invite just one aunt and not the rest. Oh no, that would cause too many problems. You can’t just invite one cousin or one friend or even one sibling.

If you invite one you kind of have to invite them all, same goes with family friends. So before you know it the price goes from minimal to thousands and thousands of pounds.

Looking at lovely, beautiful, stunning venues that seem reasonably priced. Until you notice that on top of their basic fee there  is another £500 for the room hire and a further £500 for a DJ. And no you cannot have your own food brought in.

The whole thing is just so stressful, wanting to get married in a church will cost around £450-500 plus an extra £120 for bell ringers and another £110 for an organist. If there is no organist what do you walk down the aisle to?

The whole thing is enough to make me just give up. Looking at lovely, lovely venues them being so perfect and affordable and then realising oh, wait. It’s actually going to be 3 or 4 thousand pounds more than what you expected…

Trying to pay off my debt and then save for a house deposit I’m not really wanting to then put all that hard effort into paying for something that is going to be the happiest day of my life anyway.

Argh! Sorry guys, this whole thing is just very stressful at the moment. I’ve concluded that a registry office will do for the event which is fine £50 ish plus outfits but then on top of that I need a reception venue. This means food, and a meal. All is good, but everywhere still wants to charge me £500 for a room hire. All I want is a nice quiet sit down meal, preferably three courses. Around £20 a head, no hidden charges. I’m happy at this stage to have finger food or a buffet. I’m just beyond caring.

Peace out.

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