Low fat pudding options for under 20p

As we all know trying to be healthier is harder than it seems, especially when you consider how inexpensive all the bad stuff is. So I’ve taken it upon myself to find some items that I can easily afford that are also ‘good’ for me.Less than 100 calories and less than 20p per portion in general.

Low Fat Pudding options

Meringue nests – with low-fat squirty cream (optional) or berries (optional again and recommend frozen berries as can just pick a handful / very small amount randomly) – Estimated calories – 50 to 100 depending on how liberal one is with the squirty cream. I have a new idea of meringue nests with ice cream broken up into a sundae glass to give a low fat version of a sundae. If using a sorbet or low fat ice cream or alternative this could be even more effective. I have been debating making smoothies and freezing them to turn them into a sorbet type thing to accompany the meringue.

Jelly – Made up to the instructions jelly is surprisingly yummy. 10 calories. This is another one that could, could be accompanied by squirty cream, but is delicious on its own.

Apple – 40-60 calories this one may seem obvious but apples are very yummy. Very very yummy, and at the moment M&S is selling them seven for £1.19 and they are pretty decent apples as well. Consequently they make my snacking list.

Low Fat Snack Options

Rice Cakes – 30 to 50 calories. I only eat one at a time. (Okay sometimes I splash out and have two, and occasionally I sprinkle paprika onto them or some other spice)

Carrot – 41 calories. One whole carrot preferably with the tail cut off and peeled but I’m not fussy. Some people like to dip it into things like hummus or various other salsas or whatnot but I’m happy to have it on its own.

On the topic of carrots as a low fat options one also has the choice of cucumber whether as sticks or as a chunk, and celery but both of these I find never last as well in the fridge as carrots and carrots tend to be cheaper where I am from. That and I really, really do not like celery. I eat it, but it is not a love of mine. Cucumber on the other hand is very, very yummy but one must take care not to eat it in large quantities as it is a natural laxative. Given a whole cucumber I am sometimes very tempted to eat it all in chunks.

I am going to try and think of more things, but at the moment this is what I am with. There is an argument for canned fruit but you pay more for it to not to be in syrup and I am not sure how easy it is to just eat half or a quarter of a can then leave the rest to stay fresh for another day…

5 responses to “Low fat pudding options for under 20p

  1. I’ve never made meringues so I was being optimistic! My wife bought me a Kenwood mixer for Christmas last year and in my fevered imagination I reckoned they would be easy to make. However, I’m going to persist in money saving suggestions – tortillas are incredibly cheap if you make them at home and really impossible to go wrong! I used the recipe in Dan Stevens River Cottage handbook on Bread.

    • I’ll have to google that recipe. I did see a really easy straight forward picture method of how to make tortillas and was all like ‘Oh yeah I’m totes going to try them’ but then misplaced the recipe and no one has ever made it look quite as simple. With homemade tortillas you can freeze any left over as well, so I might cook up a batch then I’ll be very happy. I much prefer wraps because they’re just so cool and have the same effect as a topless sandwich in usually less calories than two slices of bread. Mmm. You’re inspiring me to go cook now, darn it. I’m trying to have an eat up week…

    • I went to M&S whose nests packs of eight were 2 for £2. So 16 for £2.00 makes them like 13p each. I’d make them myself but it can be touch and go. Although they are a good way to use up the white when a recipe calls for just a yolk…. 🙂

  2. So, according to this recipe for meringue nests (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-2182748/Recipe-Homemade-meringues.html) and using ingredients from Sainsburys online (assuming that you have corn flour and lemon juice but need to buy eggs and sugar) and assuming that the gas/electricity doesn’t cost too much… Assuming all those things you could have 12 meringue nests for 79p. The meringue nests on Sainsburys website are 8 for £1.30. That’s pretty good value!

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