Declutter your possessions; Declutter your life.

My sister once took a minimalist approach on life, partaking in the 100 things challenge. The logic being that you can only ever have 100 items at any one time. This may seem fairly straight forward, perhaps even easy but for me it would be near impossible.

For a start I own about 100 cd’s to begin with, carefully collected from second hand stores, online and gifts from people. I guess I could put them all onto one hard drive and then donate them to charity but what would I then do with my CD player which has the ability to take up a large chunk of my living room and can play tapes. This CD player was ‘given’ to me, second hand and has lasted me since I was a young, young person. It lasted the previous owner a good decade as well.

My younger sister was bought a CD player for her birthday when she was about 11 ish, it had broken and was no longer working by the time she was 14. Mine, has lasted me atleast 15 years already on top of what it did for the previous owner, and although mine is bulkier and not forgetting older I love it to pieces and intend to carry on using it until that fately day when it finally packs in.

The real reason I am writing this post is to do with clothes. As in the ones we wear. For some reason I happen to have a lot of them, I will confess I have probably only bought lets say, one new top and two pairs of leggings in the past six months. Realising my downfall at buying more clothes when I already had perfectly good ones I have desisted in purchasing more.

Yet this still leaves me in the predicament when yesterday I was putting out the washing that the man had put in, and asked when was the last time you wore that shirt? And when did I last wear this top here, in fact thinking about it, I do not even like that top.

Consequently my only reason for holding onto it would be to hoard it. So we have concluded that if one of us does not actually like the item of clothing and it has not been worn in the past year then it is probably about time to get rid of it and donate it to charity. This may mean that in order to save some items I will have to give them a go at wearing them, but hey, that may not be a bad thing.

I tend to buy a new jacket every year, and so far this year I have been very good and have restrained myself. When I get a new jacket the old ones tend to get left in the wardrobe despite them still being perfectly good, so maybe I should also think about having a clear out of them.

As some wise person once said, possessions are burdens upon the mind.

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