Chilli Plant

So, I have been visiting the parents again. Which is always fun but on my last visit I asked if I could steal some of their chillies on their plant to take home.

This ended with them offering to buy me a chilli plant to take home with me, in return for me looking after their four month old puppy for the day. So I gladly accepted, and then t’dah now I have a chilli plant.

The plant cost £3.50 and I counted 20 red chillies and a few green ones. This got me thinking, that even if I now fail to get any more chillies from this plant it will still have worked out substantially cheaper than buying the chilli in a packet for home cooking.

I am now highly recommending to everyone to get them selves a chilli plant. The ones my parents have has lasted them at least a year so far with many, many chillies being produced. With their excess of chillies they have taken to just freezing them ready for use at a later date. Or when I came round me taking a few.

The plant can live on a windowsill, but if you do not have the room for that, why not buy a plant for a friend to look after and then steal some of their bounty. Such a vibrant plant it really will help brighten up the place.

Now to think of recipes requiring chillies.

1. Put sliced chilli onto pizza
2. In a pasta dish, I was recommended to have them in a bolognese
3. Curry – Quite an obvious one, but still.
4. Chilli biscuits / cookies or even a bread
5. Make chilli oil
Not sure about this one but perhaps chilli vodka?
Chilli Flakes
8. Pickle ’em.
9. Chilli jam:  maybe to give some as gifts.
10. Chilli chocolate
11. Throw into a soup or stew to really give it a kick.

That is all my food ideas for now. I am looking forward to using them more in general cooking, and possibly making chilli jam for myself and others as a christmas gift. The chilli plant has a lot of extra health benefits so it is a win-win situation. Can you think of any other ideas?

2 responses to “Chilli Plant

  1. Absolutely agree, windowsill chilli plants are brilliant! We grew our own from seed this year and will be freezing the lovely harvest of hot little blighters soon. Also grew slightly less hot cayenne peppers in the garden, had a nice red one in baked beans for brecky and it was yum! Your parents one lasted a year? Blimey I wonder if ours will last too? Be great if they do! PS what is that huge luxury boat doing in your post? You put the weirdest pics in! 😀

    • Sorry, I never really have the camera out when I am doing things, like a lovely image of my chilli plant would be grand. So to make do until then, here are my holiday pictures. 😀 This is from my italian wedding I attended. It’s a hydroboat, very cool. It is one way of getting from Sorrento to Naples, which I highly recommend because the trains are just too warm. I am hoping the chilli lasts a long time, if not I can always resew from the current seeds. Mmm… Peppers. Might try that hot, hot baked beans. Just put a chilli in my leftover lunch of tomato pasta and now my mouth is on fire. Great idea though.

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